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A podcast to guide you into a deeper, more embodied connection to yourself, to God, and to your people by inviting you to realize your body, your mind and your relationships as sites for worship.

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Honest, shame-free conversations about sex and sexuality that will help you to better know, love and belong in your very good body.


Nurturing the inner, spiritual life so that you may authentically enliven your active life as you seek to love, serve and advocate for yourself and your people.


A safe place where you can embrace the unforced rhythms of grace, and the inherent goodness you have been created with. All are welcome here. 


What you'll find on the podcast:

- Elleking2

"The Sanctuary Woman podcast brings dignity, generosity, and sweetness to even the most challenging topics."

- Called and Encouraged

"Love the open and honesty of this podcast. Truly a safe space to learn, grow and also discuss those uncomfortable topics."

- Hanna Nicole Ward

"This podcast is so encouraging, educational, and relatable."

Morgan Strehlow is a writer, project manager and podcaster who enjoys starting and engaging in purposeful conversations about hard things.

(She’s not one for small talk, but sit next to her at a dinner party and you’ll for sure find yourself in a fascinating, hope-filled conversation about sex, religion or politics. Take your pick.)

A lifelong learner and longtime church girl, Morgan is intellectually adventurous and enjoys studying and writing about the intersections of faith and culture. Balancing boldness and hospitality in her written and spoken voice, Morgan seeks to participate in the restoration of peace on Earth in our communities, in our churches, and in our relationships. 


Host of the Sanctuary Woman Podcast

Hi friend! I'm Morgan.

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Welcome to Sanctuary Woman, a place that invites women to show up with their whole minds and their whole bodies rather than suppress that which the church may have told us is shameful. Many Christian women have nowhere to turn and are looking for the brave spaces, the safe spaces, where their sexual shame can […]

45. Unsilencing Our Stories to Silence Sexual Shame with Jessica Harris

Sara Billups Orphaned Believers

I’m convinced that if we can be at peace in our bodies, we can bring peace to the world. And today, we are talking about peacemaking in the Church body–the body of Christ–a people that have long been fractured in American life.         _ Sara Billups is a Seattle-based writer and cultural […]

44. Peace, Love & The Body of Christ with Sara Billups

Welcome back to Sanctuary Woman. I’m your host, Morgan Strehlow, and I created this podcast in February 2021 to help women be at peace in their bodies so they can bring peace to the world.  It’s been a minute since I published an episode—in the latter half of 2022, my priorities had to shift as […]

Starlette Thomas Raceless Gospel

Reverend Starlette Thomas joins us to help us see our skin color for what it is and deconstruct what it is not as she pastorally and prophetically disrupts and dismantles the racialized body of Christ so that we can reconstruct and re-member a Church body that reflects Christ and his gospel. Show Notes Coming Soon […]

I’ve heard it said before that mothering is a verb. And it’s true – giving birth to another human is not a prerequisite to mothering. Neither is formal adoption. One can mother in a great variety of ways, but the primary meaning of mothering as a verb is to care for or protect like a […]

Episode 41. Someone Other Than a Mother with Erin S. Lane

Listen on Apple Podcasts. Listen on Spotify. On this episode of Sanctuary Woman, I want to invite you to reconnect your mind, with your body, through awareness of your body, listening to what your body is communicating to you. What God is communicating to you, through your body. Your body that God made in their […]

Episode 40. Body Scan Meditation

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"Morgan provides a soothing voice as she guides us into God’s presence through careful reflections, curious conversations, and contemplative practices." — Camden822

"Morgan welcomes all of us along the theological spectrum and doesn’t tell us what to believe, but provides a safe space to contemplate and consider that for ourselves."

 "I really connect with Morgan because she shares some of the same things I have felt in my young marriage. Thanks for starting the conversation. This is so important!" - AnnieConnolly

"As a Christian woman, married in my early twenties after growing up in purity culture, I do appreciate how candid this podcast is."

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