Episode 22. Women’s Health 101 with OBGYN PA Tiffany Rose

June 16, 2021

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I’m excited to introduce you to our next educator, and another friend of the podcast. Tiffany Rose is a physician assistant who specializes in gynecology in Waco, Texas, where she also teaches human sexuality classes to college students at Baylor University. I asked Tiffany to talk with us specifically about how women can become the best advocates for our own healthcare with our gynecologists. Personally, I had several bad experiences with OBGYNs in my early 20s before getting the help I needed, but also didn’t know enough about my body or what to expect to know how to advocate for myself. OBGYN appointments are very intimidating with or without an upbringing in purity culture, but I would guess they are probably way more intimidating for those of us who come out of purity culture. Tiffany and I wrap up our conversation by talking about the young adult Sunday school class Tiffany teaches at her church, and how she integrates conversations about sexuality and sexual ethics in the context of Sunday school.

I learned so much from my conversation with Tiffany – particularly how I can be my and my body’s own best advocate when I visit the doctor! I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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