Episode 28. Sexual Agency and Waiting to Have Sex with Carlie Palmer-Webb

July 28, 2021

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I'm Morgan Strehlow - writer and host of the Sanctuary Woman podcast.

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Carlie Palmer-Webb is a developmental psychologist, a gender and sexuality researcher, and has been educating dating, engaged and newly married couples on Instagram as The Christian Sex Educator. I asked Carlie to join us on the podcast to talk to listeners who are single and dating, who are engaged and those who are newly married – she is specifically so skilled at educating couples who are waiting until marriage to have sex on what they need to do to prepare for their sexual relationship. I know that quite a few of you who listen fall into one of these categories, and even if you’ve been married for awhile, I think you’re still going to want to learn from Carlie. She schools us the topic of sexual agency and why our sexual agency doesn’t, or shouldn’t, end in marriage, despite what some of us have been told.

CONTENT WARNING: We do talk about sexual assault in the context of how to talk with your partner about past sexual trauma. 

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