Episode 32. Co-creators of Life and Loss with Dr. Christy Bauman

December 6, 2021

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Welcome to the second week of Advent.

Advent season is an invitation to journey alongside Mary as we begin the Christian year, not with the birth – not yet – but in the womb where Hope is conceived and new life is being formed. As Mary carries and gives life to the Son of God, we too are invited to consider that which is being conceived in our own lives and hearts during this season of courageous expectancy. 

We wait on him as we are pregnant with hopes, dreams, and struggle. As we are pregnant with expectancy. As we are pregnant with new life. 

What new life is emerging in you? 

My guest today is Dr. Christy Bauman. Christy is an author, professor and psychotherapist who focuses on the female body, sexuality, and theology. A wife to Andrew, a mother of 4, and a fierce dreamer, passionate about advocating for women, Christy is the author of three books: Theology of the Womb, A Brave Lament, and Coming Home. 

Before we go on, I do want to let you know that our conversation includes the topic of pregnancy loss. I hope that this conversation helps women who have experienced pregnancy loss feel seen and known, but I understand if you are in an especially tender place and not ready to go there. Feel free to skip this episode, or feel free to keep listening. 

Here’s my conversation with Dr. Christy Bauman.


Last week we read the story of the annunciation when Mary’s responded to the angel Gabriel “May it be done according to your word!” 

Mary’s response reminds me, in a way, of the words of Jesus, 33 years later, on the night he was betrayed: “This is my body, broken for you.”

I hear these words every Sunday when it’s time to participate in the eucharist, to partake of communion at the Lord’s table… 

“This is my body, broken for you.”

And I connect with these words in a way that only a woman can. 

In a way that I know Mary must have.

In the way we bleed. In the way we birth. 

“This is my body, broken for you.”

As bearers of God’s image and vessels of the Kingdom Come, may we each consciously choose to carry the Holy One this season and give birth to Hope, Peace, Joy and Love to this weary world.


O God, creator of our wombs
       And our bleeding, birthing bodies
Creator of the mysteries we carry within

Help us to recognize the God-image we bear
Help us to bear your image without shame
Help us to bear your image without fear
So that we may honor these good gifts
     You have given this world
     Through us
     Through women

Grow in us your glory, O God
May every inch reflect your goodness.
May every curve make known your grace
May every drop of blood come with it a wave of your peace
May our laboring make way for your love.

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