44. Peace, Love & The Body of Christ with Sara Billups

February 9, 2023

Episode 6. This is My Body: A Body Scan Meditation

Episode 18. Freeing Women from “Biblical Womanhood” with Beth Allison Barr

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I’m convinced that if we can be at peace in our bodies, we can bring peace to the world. And today, we are talking about peacemaking in the Church body–the body of Christ–a people that have long been fractured in American life.
Sara Billups is a Seattle-based writer and cultural commentator who is completing her Doctor of Ministry in the Sacred Art of Writing at the Peterson Center for the Christian Imagination at Western Theological Seminary. Sara works to help wavering Christians remain steadfast through cultural storms and continues to hope for the flourishing of the Church amid deep political and cultural division in America. She recently released Orphaned Believers: How a Generation of Christian Exiles Can Find Their Way Home. I can’t say enough good things about this book. Not only is it well-researched and well-written from a craft perspective, but it is also an excellent tool for spiritual formation. It’s not simply a book about the church, but it’s a book for the church–a book for us, the deconstructed ones, the weary ones, the displaced ones, the disappointed ones–with practical guidance on how to move forward together as a people, as a body.
If you are someone who feels discouraged or displaced by the current state of the American Christian church, or if you are one of the still hopeful ones, this episode is for you.

Sara Billups Orphaned Believers

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