45. Unsilencing Our Stories to Silence Sexual Shame with Jessica Harris

February 21, 2023

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I'm Morgan Strehlow - writer and host of the Sanctuary Woman podcast.

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Welcome to Sanctuary Woman, a place that invites women to show up with their whole minds and their whole bodies rather than suppress that which the church may have told us is shameful. Many Christian women have nowhere to turn and are looking for the brave spaces, the safe spaces, where their sexual shame can be spoken, set free, and can finally be undone.
Our guest today, Jessica Harris, has been there, and she has made it her mission to break the silence, banish the shame, and bring women’s struggles into the light of God’s grace, liberation, and forgiveness. She understands that when you suffer in silence, a wall of shame is built between yourself and God that God does not desire for you. In her new authentic and honest book, Quenched: Discovering God’s Abundant Grace for Women Struggling with Pornography and Sexual Shame, Jessica shows women a road map for restoration.
If you are someone who feels stuck in any sort of sexual shame this episode is for you.
Resources for women recovering from purity culture can be found at
Music by Jameson McGregor of UBC Waco.
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