46. Faith in Transition with Natalie Drew

March 31, 2023

Episode 6. This is My Body: A Body Scan Meditation

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I’m excited to introduce you to Natalie Drew, a Christian who is also a transgender woman.
Trigger Warning: Suicide is discussed at several points in this episode. Please do skip this episode if that could be a trigger for you. <3
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Connect with Natalie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/natgrace79
March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility, and you may have heard that the transgender community has been the target of a lot of misinformation and dehumanization as extreme political and religious groups are doing everything they can to keep trans people in the margins of society, unable to thrive and access the care and support, the education and resources needed to simply be who they are. The Human Rights Campaign estimates that there are 2 million trans and gender non-conforming people in the United States alone, and they are at a greater risk of being the victims of violence and hate crimes than those who are cis-gender. Recent data also indicates that 82% of transgender individuals have considered ending their own lives and 40% have actually attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth. Caring for our transgender neighbors and siblings in Christ is very much a pro-life issue. And no matter your theology or your understanding of gender, it’s critical–if the sanctity of life means anything to you–it’s critical that we advocate for their care and their rights and their right for care. It’s also critical that we listen to the stories and the voices of those in the trans community, and we believe what they say about their lived experiences.

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