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On this episode, I have an incredible conversation with Jenny Booth Potter, a creative producer, storyteller, and co-host of The Next Question, a web series about expanding our imagination for racial justice. She has co-led racial justice trainings across the country for churches and organizations, and is the Chief Content Officer of HerSelf Media, a company […]

47. White Womanhood and Everyday Antiracism with Jenny Booth Potter

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Welcome to Sanctuary Woman, a place that invites women to show up with their whole minds and their whole bodies rather than suppress that which the church may have told us is shameful. Many Christian women have nowhere to turn and are looking for the brave spaces, the safe spaces, where their sexual shame can […]

45. Unsilencing Our Stories to Silence Sexual Shame with Jessica Harris


I’m convinced that if we can be at peace in our bodies, we can bring peace to the world. And today, we are talking about peacemaking in the Church body–the body of Christ–a people that have long been fractured in American life.         _ Sara Billups is a Seattle-based writer and cultural […]

44. Peace, Love & The Body of Christ with Sara Billups


Sara Billups Orphaned Believers

Welcome back to Sanctuary Woman. I’m your host, Morgan Strehlow, and I created this podcast in February 2021 to help women be at peace in their bodies so they can bring peace to the world.  It’s been a minute since I published an episode—in the latter half of 2022, my priorities had to shift as […]

I’ve heard it said before that mothering is a verb. And it’s true – giving birth to another human is not a prerequisite to mothering. Neither is formal adoption. One can mother in a great variety of ways, but the primary meaning of mothering as a verb is to care for or protect like a […]

Episode 41. Someone Other Than a Mother with Erin S. Lane


Listen on Apple Podcasts. Listen on Spotify. On this episode of Sanctuary Woman, I want to invite you to reconnect your mind, with your body, through awareness of your body, listening to what your body is communicating to you. What God is communicating to you, through your body. Your body that God made in their […]

Episode 40. Body Scan Meditation


Imagine for a moment if the church stopped wearing the lenses of ableism, ​​discrimination that favors able-bodied people. Have you ever considered how our resurrected Christ was still a wounded one – a disabled one, even? Jesus may have risen from the dead – Alleluia! – but he was not without his wounds and scars.  […]

Amy Kenny, Disability Justice

Our bodies matter deeply, as much as our mamas, our churches or our culture tries to tell us otherwise – that it’s only what’s on the inside that matters. That’s not true.  Our bodies matter.  They are matter, and it’s okay for them to take up space. It’s okay for YOU to take up space.  […]

Episode 38. Abundant Bodies & Fat Liberation w/ Amanda Martinez Beck


We’re back to continue the conversation about our bodies. Here at Sanctuary Woman, we are intentional about making our spirituality an embodied one, and repairing the holy connection between our mind and our bodies is part of that. Isabel Garza is a Registered Dietitian in Austin, Texas and founder of Woman Wise Nutrition. Isabel strives […]

Episode 37. Disordered Eating with Isabel Garza


We are kicking off a new series this week about our bodies. Here at Sanctuary Woman, we are intentional about making our spirituality an embodied one, and repairing the holy connection between our spiritual and sexual selves. So for the next few weeks, we are going to explore what it looks like to pursue being […]