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Welcome to Sanctuary Woman, a place that invites women to show up with their whole minds and their whole bodies rather than suppress that which the church may have told us is shameful. Many Christian women have nowhere to turn and are looking for the brave spaces, the safe spaces, where their sexual shame can […]

45. Unsilencing Our Stories to Silence Sexual Shame with Jessica Harris

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Welcome back to Sanctuary Woman. I’m your host, Morgan Strehlow, and I created this podcast in February 2021 to help women be at peace in their bodies so they can bring peace to the world.  It’s been a minute since I published an episode—in the latter half of 2022, my priorities had to shift as […]

43. Let Me Be Hopeful With You


Reverend Starlette Thomas joins us to help us see our skin color for what it is and deconstruct what it is not as she pastorally and prophetically disrupts and dismantles the racialized body of Christ so that we can reconstruct and re-member a Church body that reflects Christ and his gospel. Show Notes Coming Soon […]

Episode 42. (Un)Racialized Body of Christ w/ Rev. Starlette Thomas


Starlette Thomas Raceless Gospel

I’ve heard it said before that mothering is a verb. And it’s true – giving birth to another human is not a prerequisite to mothering. Neither is formal adoption. One can mother in a great variety of ways, but the primary meaning of mothering as a verb is to care for or protect like a […]

Imagine for a moment if the church stopped wearing the lenses of ableism, ​​discrimination that favors able-bodied people. Have you ever considered how our resurrected Christ was still a wounded one – a disabled one, even? Jesus may have risen from the dead – Alleluia! – but he was not without his wounds and scars.  […]

Episode 39. Divine & Disabled Bodies with Dr. Amy Kenny


Amy Kenny, Disability Justice

Our bodies matter deeply, as much as our mamas, our churches or our culture tries to tell us otherwise – that it’s only what’s on the inside that matters. That’s not true.  Our bodies matter.  They are matter, and it’s okay for them to take up space. It’s okay for YOU to take up space.  […]

Episode 38. Abundant Bodies & Fat Liberation w/ Amanda Martinez Beck


We’re back to continue the conversation about our bodies. Here at Sanctuary Woman, we are intentional about making our spirituality an embodied one, and repairing the holy connection between our mind and our bodies is part of that. Isabel Garza is a Registered Dietitian in Austin, Texas and founder of Woman Wise Nutrition. Isabel strives […]

We are kicking off a new series this week about our bodies. Here at Sanctuary Woman, we are intentional about making our spirituality an embodied one, and repairing the holy connection between our spiritual and sexual selves. So for the next few weeks, we are going to explore what it looks like to pursue being […]

Episode 36. The Wisdom Of Your Body with Dr. Hillary McBride


Hello! Welcome to the first episode of 2022. If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of hearing new year, new ______ [fill in the blank advertisements, promotions, social media posts]. To be frank, I’m struggling with the transition into the new year and all the pressure – whether real or imagined – attached to entering […]

35. Passing the Peace: A Guided Prayer for the New Year


Welcome to the fourth and final week of Advent. We’re almost there!  HE is almost here! But… we keep waiting. We keep longing for things to be made right. For a little while longer.  Today we are waiting with Kat Armas. Kat is a Cuban-American writer and podcaster from Miami, FL who holds a dual […]