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On this episode, I have an incredible conversation with Jenny Booth Potter, a creative producer, storyteller, and co-host of The Next Question, a web series about expanding our imagination for racial justice. She has co-led racial justice trainings across the country for churches and organizations, and is the Chief Content Officer of HerSelf Media, a company […]

47. White Womanhood and Everyday Antiracism with Jenny Booth Potter

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I’m convinced that if we can be at peace in our bodies, we can bring peace to the world. And today, we are talking about peacemaking in the Church body–the body of Christ–a people that have long been fractured in American life.         _ Sara Billups is a Seattle-based writer and cultural […]

44. Peace, Love & The Body of Christ with Sara Billups


Sara Billups Orphaned Believers

Welcome back to Sanctuary Woman. I’m your host, Morgan Strehlow, and I created this podcast in February 2021 to help women be at peace in their bodies so they can bring peace to the world.  It’s been a minute since I published an episode—in the latter half of 2022, my priorities had to shift as […]

43. Let Me Be Hopeful With You


Reverend Starlette Thomas joins us to help us see our skin color for what it is and deconstruct what it is not as she pastorally and prophetically disrupts and dismantles the racialized body of Christ so that we can reconstruct and re-member a Church body that reflects Christ and his gospel. Show Notes Coming Soon […]

Starlette Thomas Raceless Gospel

We are kicking off a new series this week about our bodies. Here at Sanctuary Woman, we are intentional about making our spirituality an embodied one, and repairing the holy connection between our spiritual and sexual selves. So for the next few weeks, we are going to explore what it looks like to pursue being […]

Episode 36. The Wisdom Of Your Body with Dr. Hillary McBride


“The earth is a forgiveness school,” Anne Lamott says. A few years ago I sought out to major in forgiveness – to do a deep dive in all things forgiveness, as an enneagram 5 does on any topic of inquiry. I needed to learn forgiveness because I desperately needed to learn how to forgive my […]

Episode 11. Forgiveness and Repentance (Examen)