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A Standing Ground by Wendell Berry: However just and anxious I have been I will stop and step back from the crowd of those who may agree with what I say, and be apart. There is no earthly promise of life or peace but where the roots branch and weave their patient silent passages in […]

Episode 12. Rest and Renewal (Examen)

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Do you ever open up your Bible, with good intentions to finally begin reading it regularly once again. And then your eyes hit a verse that makes you…. Question something you were once so confident of before? And all of the sudden reading the entire new testament doesn’t seem as exciting as it did a […]

Episode 8. Fruit and Flesh (Examen)


In the summer of 2017, just as my star was rising in my hard-fought career in sports, I found out I was pregnant. My pregnancy was unplanned, and though my husband and I had been married for four years, we had not yet talked about starting a family. We both knew I had big career […]

Episode 7. Connection and Intimacy (Examen)


On this episode of Sanctuary Woman, I want to invite you to reconnect your mind, with your body, through awareness of your body, listening to what your body is communicating to you. What God is communicating to you, through your body. Your body that God made in their very own image. In your body that […]

The vision for what ultimately became Sanctuary Woman, started coming together in February 2020. Pre-pandemic, of course. My entire life, really, has been leading up to this. But over the course of the year 2020, when life seemingly stood still. When time slowed down. When the hustle slowed down. When we slowed down. Our bodies […]

Episode 4. Epiphany and Curiosity (Examen)


When I was in college, I attended this personal development weekend, a self-help retreat of sorts, that expanded my worldview and impacted how I move through the world, interact with the world and the diverse people in it, with diverse lived experiences. Up to that point I had lived a relatively comfortable and privileged life. […]

Episode 3. Gifts and Gratitude (Examen)


I have found guided prayers, such as the Examen, a really helpful way for me to engage in prayer with God. It helps me to rest in relationship with God, creating room for silence and contemplation and presence, as I release the misguided pressure to perfectly perform my prayer and simply just be. Be with […]